• Name: EffoptoTNon
  • Email: z.x.c.vb.n.ma.sd.f.ghj.k.l.q.we.02@gmail.com
  • Company Name: EffoptoTNon
  • Company URL: http://www.jimmychooshoesukstore.co.uk/
  • Country: Other Country
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My Links

Personal Preferences (details in %TWIKIWEB%.TWikiVariables)
  • Show tool-tip topic info on mouse-over of %TWIKIWEB%.WikiWord links, on or off: (see details in %TWIKIWEB%.DefaultPreferences)
  • Horizontal size of text edit box:
    • Set EDITBOXWIDTH = 70
  • Vertical size of text edit box:
    • Set EDITBOXHEIGHT = 22
  • Style of text edit box. width: 99% for full window width (default), width: auto to disable.
    • Set EDITBOXSTYLE = width: 99%
  • Optionally write protect your home page: (set it to your %TWIKIWEB%.WikiName)

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  • %TWIKIWEB%.DefaultPreferences has site-level preferences of Nustar Wiki.
  • WebPreferences has preferences of the Nustar Wiki.Main web.
  • WikiUsers has a list of other TWiki users.

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