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https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/BoardMeetings Board Meetings * ILIMA Collab. Board meeting at GSI, 26.Feb 2019 Minutes * ILIMA Collab. Board meeting at GSI, Sept. 2018 Minutes * ILIMA Collab. Board meeting ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2020-01-07T22:00:10Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/IlimaPresentations ILIMA Open Meetings (and others) * ILIMA Open Meeting, 28.Feb 2017, side room lecture hall at GSI ILIMA Status 2017.pdf: Status report by project manager ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2017-02-28T20:15:49Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/WebPreferences ILIMA Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the ILIMA web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in ., and can be overwritten ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2015-03-23T14:09:14Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/CollaborationMeetings Collaboration Meetings * 2006 02 21 2006 02 21MinutesILIMAMeeting.pdf * 2005 02 11 ILIMA meeting minutes_11 02 05.pdf * 2004 09 02 ILIMA meet2 09_Summary ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2012-02-02T21:46:58Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/MeetingMinutes ILIMA Meetings ILIMA Open Meetings Board Meetings Collaboration Meetings Main.HelmutWeick 02 Feb 2012 (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2012-02-02T21:42:26Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/CRBuilding CR Building and Infrastructure * CR68 inner layout, Inna Schurig 01 Dec 2011 * Architects floor plan, Ion42 15.08.2011 * Doses in CR Tunnel, A. Knapp, H.Weick ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2011-12-07T17:16:10Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/LetterOfIntent Letter of Intent The letter of intent was submitted in April 2004 and approved by the NUSTAR PAC. ILIMA Letter of Intent 2004, see also http://www.gsi.de/onTEAM/grafik ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2011-12-07T17:02:32Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/TechnicalDocumentation Technical Documentation CR Building and Infrastructure Beams Schottky Pickups TOF Detectors Particle Detectors Main.HelmutWeick 07 Dec 2011 (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2011-12-07T16:56:41Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/TechnicalProposal The technical proposal from February 2005. * Version for internal use with all costs listed (as submitted to PAC and Cost review) ILIMA TP with costs * ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2011-12-01T08:49:14Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/PreConstruction Pre Construction Memorandum of Understanding (draft) Material discussed at NUSTAR Board meeting in Bucharest Oct. 2011, changes to IMoU are marked in red * ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2011-12-01T08:14:31Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/IMoU The Nustar Interim Memorandum of Understanding * FAIR NUSTAR IMoU v2.8.pdf: Nustar IMoU V2.8 23.07.2007 Appendix for the ILIMA collaboration. * FAIR NUSTAR ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2011-12-01T08:09:08Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/WebLeftBar * Welcome * Register * Nustar Webs * Nustar Web * ILIMA Web Home * ILIMA group * Preferences * Changes * Changes detailed * Topic list ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2011-02-04T14:50:59Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/WebTopicEditTemplate Nustar Nustar Nustar Nustar Nustar (last changed by HansEssel) 2007-08-07T14:16:40Z HansEssel

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/WebNotify This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e mail when topics change in this ILIMA web. This is a convenient service, so you do not have to come ... (last changed by HansEssel) 2007-08-03T13:40:13Z HansEssel

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/WebRss Nustar Wiki's ILIMA web /view/ILIMA The web for users, groups and offices. TWiki is a Web Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2004-08-16T03:26:43Z PeterThoeny

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/ILIMA/WebSearchAdvanced (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2004-01-18T10:49:03Z PeterThoeny

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