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https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/MechanicalDesignAndDevelopments EXL mechanical design and develoments * 310039100_BINDER.pdf: Test setup with small detector. March 2011 * 310039200_BINDER.pdf: Test setup with real size detector ... (last changed by MichelLindemulder) 2013-09-17T12:05:55Z MichelLindemulder

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/Presentaions Presentations presented at conferences, meetings and etc.: * NuSTARmeeting_0908.pdf: The Status of EXL, N. Kalantar * streicher_STORI11.pdf: Implementation of ... (last changed by JuanCarlosZamora) 2013-03-29T14:37:40Z JuanCarlosZamora

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/Meetings Minutes or summary of EXL related work meetings * Minutes_VC_261011.docx: Minutes of the GSI KVI VC, 26 10 2011 * Minutes_VC_141211.docx: Minutes of the VC GSI ... (last changed by SantoshRoy) 2012-08-23T09:21:51Z SantoshRoy

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/Reports Reports of EXL related work meetings * resonance width.tiff: Question on the resolution for giant resonances (last changed by NasserKalantar) 2012-06-19T11:26:38Z NasserKalantar

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/TestingAndResults Testing and Results * EXL_chamber_vacuum_test.pdf: EXL chamber vacuum test 2008 * Pumpingspeed.pdf: Pumping speed test at GSI * Downstream_PIN_det.pdf: PIN ... (last changed by BranislavS) 2012-05-30T12:52:13Z BranislavS

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/Simulations Reports, talks, news about simulations * Zalite_note01.ps: Intrernal Note "Geometry of the EXL silicon recoil detector" A.Zalite, Yu. Zalite * aperture_simulations ... (last changed by SantoshRoy) 2012-05-03T08:53:40Z SantoshRoy

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/ElectronicsDesignAndDevelopments Electronics design and developments * VA TA_ASIC_PCB.pdf: Drawing of ASIC board * report_PSchakel.docx: Status report and plans for Si readout by Peter Schakel ... (last changed by CatherineRigollet) 2012-03-19T09:26:43Z CatherineRigollet

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/SiLi Nustar Nustar Nustar Nustar Nustar (last changed by BranislavS) 2012-03-14T18:16:16Z BranislavS

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/WorkPlan 2012 Work Plans for E105 experiment at the ESR * TopicsforpreparationoftheEXLexperiment.doc: Task list for preparation of EXL experiments * Vacuum_WP.pdf: Work ... (last changed by BranislavS) 2012-03-14T18:15:49Z BranislavS

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/JournalPublications The EXL publications in journals: * First feasibility study for EXL with prototype detectors at the ESR and detector simulations, N. Kalantar Nayestanaki, et al ... (last changed by BranislavS) 2012-01-10T17:45:38Z BranislavS

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/Posters Posters presented at conferences, schools and etc.: * EXL_poster_CR2.ppt: The EXL experiment at FAIR, C. Rigollet * NPA_IV5.ppt: Alpha branching ratio at the ... (last changed by BranislavS) 2012-01-10T17:38:49Z BranislavS

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/MinutesOfTheCollaborationBoard Minutes of the Collaboration Board * Minutes EXL CB 201011.doc: Minutes EXL CB, Bucharest, 20 10 2011 * Minutes EXL CB 051010.doc: Minutes EXL CB, Lund, 05 10 ... (last changed by CatherineRigollet) 2011-11-07T09:35:21Z CatherineRigollet

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/EXLExperimentsAtESR EXL experiment at ESR * ESRexperiments_b.docx: Upcoming EXL experiments at ESR (last changed by CatherineRigollet) 2011-11-03T12:03:55Z CatherineRigollet

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/EXL-typeExperimentsAtTheESR EXL type experiments at the ESR * ESRexperiments.docx: Short report on two ESR upcoming experiments 03 11 2011 (last changed by CatherineRigollet) 2011-11-03T10:11:14Z CatherineRigollet

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/Documentation Domumentation on next ESR experiment (30 31 May 2011) * to do list and who's doing what (last changed by CatherineRigollet) 2011-04-06T10:44:25Z CatherineRigollet

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/WebLeftBar https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/InRingDetector * Welcome * Register * Nustar Webs * Nustar Web * EXL Nustar Nustar Nustar Web Home * EXL editor group * Changes * Changes detailed * Topic list * Search ... (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2011-02-04T14:31:29Z HelmutWeick CatherineRigollet) 2011-01-04T13:06:01Z CatherineRigollet

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/OfficeLocations Nustar Nustar Nustar Nustar Nustar (last changed by HelmutWeick) 2010-10-26T14:20:35Z HelmutWeick

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/ExlDemonstratorTest Reports, talks, news about EXL demonstrator tests * EXLdemoTest_GSI_Sep09.pdf: Analysis of the in beam test of the EXL demonstrator at GSI (last changed by AliNajafi) 2010-04-08T13:29:09Z AliNajafi

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/FastEjectileDetectors Reports, talks, news about fast ejectile detectors (last changed by AliNajafi) 2009-10-14T07:57:07Z AliNajafi

https://nustar-wiki.gsi.de/foswiki/bin/view/EXL/VacuumAndTarget Reports, talks, news about Vacuum and Target (last changed by AliNajafi) 2009-10-14T07:54:35Z AliNajafi

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