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This is the entry point to the Nustar Nustar-Simulation Wiki. The next two links provide a lot of information about Wikis. Web and Wiki on our pages mean the same.

How to get in?

On the left side there is a list of topics related to Nustar. The top Nustar Web is called Main. Then we have DAQ. Others will follow. DAQ, Simulation, EXL, ILIMA, .. . Sandbox is a playground. As On for the beginning, the left side there is a list of topics related to Simulation. The Webs like Main and DAQ Simulation will be readable and writable by registered and authorized people only. Therefore, the first step is to register. After that, you will have a Wiki name and a personal homepage. To access the Wiki you must send one already authorized person a mail to enter your Wiki name in the group(s).

Users registered can be seen in WikiUsers.

Users and groups are valid for all Nustar Wiki Webs!

How to create a new Nustar Subwiki?

In the upper right corner there is a field Jump:. Enter here name.WebHome where name is the name of the new Subweb. Then you will be asked to create this Web and can select an existing one as template. We recommend Main. The new Web will appear in the left side automatically. Please note: creating a new Web is a heavy operation and not that easy to withdraw. We should agree that new Webs should be created by few persons in agreement with people who would be responsible for that new Web. There should be at least one responsible for each Web.

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